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J.D. Deutschendorf
717 Cedar Springs Dr
Tuttle, Oklahoma

  selected poems

from: Silhouettes
...I have seen them waiting patiently for the dawn
...oh father, your earliest prayers follow me still
ethelbert on faith ...fer a heart'll harbor many truths that a head don't woen't to know!wedding prayer ...who here has not marveled at the mysteries of love and life
...the red earth whispers here to my soul under a warming sun
spring storm
...oh how my poor soul longs for an earthly permanence
this year's autumn
...my spirit, somewhere deep inside of me, yearns for the time of its own transformation
it is written
...what paltry gain: to win by injustice only an earthly advantage!
from: When I Draw Near Unto the Waters
on a swing long ago
...circling up, your laughter spreads across the little neighborhood
...bolts of lightening thunder as the storm moves through the dawn
when i draw near unto the waters ...there is an angel who has power over the watersmemory ...i could fret or get upset but i do something better yet
daydream song
...some days i like to close my eyes and dream that i have wings
and this, too, shall pass away
...there are times it seems this road i'm on goes on and on forever
from: Wisely Choose
adrift at night on the water
...oh I savor the language of life
without hearing a word!
wisely choose
...how many nights have you risen to watch the sun dawn?
the delay ...a young man holds a single rose behind his back and stands - watching the traverlers disembarkyoung ethelbert meets the buffalo
I was...a doin' some powerful prayin' to God that I soon shore enuff wouldn't die.
dusk storm ...utterly engulfed in this fleeting moment and for all eternity by the aweful grace of an Almighty God.
from: At the Water's Edge
a november afternoon
...searching for certainties
under the sun
lessons mother taught us
...she planted dill for swallowtails
and milkweed where monarchs
would lay
ascensions ...we finally reached the summit, the darkness still in placethe taste of clouds ...with just one extra-ordinary leap you could touch them with your fingers
at the water's edge
...mesmerized, I am drawn like fish to a lovely lure
to the graduates ...you will lend to your life a meaning far beyond the shallow boundaries of time
cry of the wounded hunter
...how desperately our hearts hunger for a love we donít deserve
touche! ...your answer was clever enough on your part, but did it come first from your head or your heart?
wichita mountain song ...fire and rain - they purify; the smell is strong and sweet, but the price to pay is high; and the soul is weakmorning song
and my heart harbors still the beauty of that morning
what really matters ...yet between this world and the world beyond a bridge exists

Copyright © 2001
by J.D. Deutschendorf