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J.D. Deutschendorf
717 Cedar Springs Dr
Tuttle, Oklahoma

  morning song

white smoke drifts slowly
among the autumn pines,
while the sky, deep and blue
with dark winter's coming,
holds close the bitter cold
again against the earth.

and my heart harbors still
the beauty of that morning;
the sweet scent of wood-smoke
upon a frosty wind.

and my heart harbors still
the sounds of gray geese flying
in graceful symmetry
over the fields of men.

I watched them a long time
that morning long ago,
until they disappeared
into the waiting day…

even now I watch them
in memories concealed;
wishing I could follow
once again the path I loved.
yes my heart harbors still
the beauty of that morning!

from: At the Water’s Edge
Copyright © 1997, 1998
by J.D. Deutschendorf