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J.D. Deutschendorf
717 Cedar Springs Dr
Tuttle, Oklahoma

  young ethelbert meets the buffalo

onc't I was out walkin' the mountains
mindin' my own, don't cha know
when down in the boulder creek canyon
I startled an ol' buffalo

he seen me afore I sawed him
by only a second it wuz
and my heart went to beating like crazy
as it sometimes un-naturally does.

seems I wuz a blockin' his exit
as I stood in the tall, narrow draw
at the entrance to boulder creek canyon
a fer piece from my maw or my paw

well he circled an started a runnin'
I froze in skeer o' my life
for he was a comin' straight t'wards me
an I wuz headed for hurtin' an strife

so I turned to flee that thar critter
but I tripped on a tumbleweed bush
an as I on my hands an knees was a ris'n
I shortly was givin a push.

now I was a skinny young feller
not weighin' much more than a hair
an when that bull got a holt o' my rump
well I went sailin' away through the air!

yep, I was a tumblin' all over
up thar in that mighty blue sky
a doin' some powerful prayin' to God
that I soon shore 'nuff wouldn't die.

then as I commenced to descending
near the side of that steep canyon wall
I spied me a juttin’ out root-branch
which I grabbed holt of to break up my fall.

an’ shore-nuff that root-branch helt me!
an’ shore-nuff the Lord saved my skin!
an’ I learnt me to pray with both eyes wide open
in sitcheashuns like that I been in!

from: Wisely Choose
Copyright © 1999
by J.D. Deutschendorf