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J.D. Deutschendorf
717 Cedar Springs Dr
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  poetry quotes: the silence within & around us

And silence, like a poultice, comes
To heal the blows of sound.

  -  Oliver Wendell Holmes

    No, my soul is not asleep.
It is awake, wide awake.
It neither sleeps nor dreams, but watches,
its eyes wide open
far off things, and listens
at the shores of the great silence.

  -  Antonio Machado

Ships that pass in the night, and speak each other in passing
Only a signal shown and a distant voice in the darkness;
So on the ocean of life we pass and speak one another,
Only a look and a voice; then darkness again and a silence.

  -  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I have come to far to have found nothing
or to have found that what was found
was only to be lost, lost finally
in that absence whose trace is silence.

  -  Cid Corman

Two evils, monstrous either one apart,
Possessed me, and were long an loath at going;
A cry of Absence, Absence, in the heart
And in the wood the furious winter blowing.

  -  John Crowe Ransom

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Copyright © 2001
by J.D. Deutschendorf