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My name is J.D. Deutschendorf.

Jerry Deutschendorf Currently I work as a Senior Information Engineer for L-3 Communications at the FAA's Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center in Oklahoma City.

I'm also a usability advocate; helping our customers and development staff understand the need to follow basic usability precepts and study how end-users actually interact with our IT products.

The following are a short list of projects in which I am (or have been) involved:

Federal Aviation Administration

Internet: FAA Regulatory Support Division; FAA Aviation Information *note: the av-info website was replaced by the FAA in March 2005, the preceeding link is an accurate depiction of the site as I designed it.

Flight Activity & Crew Tracking System (FACTS); Air Personnel Module (SPAS), Multi-System Access Tool, Multi-System Access Tool - Aircraft, Enforcement Information System Query and Browse, Flight Activity and Crewmember Tracking System, AFS-600 Intranet Home Page

Oklahoma Department of Libraries: ODL Online

Bull's Eye Campaign Services: State Rep. Abe Deutschendorf's website

For anyone who is interested, my online resume is available in either MS Word 2000 format or as a pdf file.

I hope you enjoy the website. Thanks for dropping by!

J.D. Deutschendorf

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